The Boat

The Pogo 650, also called Pogo 1, is a 6.50 meter (21ft) sailboat designed for ocean racing and cruising. Designed by Pierre Rolland in 1995, over 120 boats were built between 1997 and 2002. Although designed fifteen years ago, it is still raced on the Classe Mini circuit – four boats participated in Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime – Bahia 2009.


The Pogo 650 is designed to the Mini 650 series/production boat rule. This means that it should fit within a box which is 6,50 meters long (excluding rudders and sprits), 3 meters wide, 1.60 meters deep and 11 meters above water.

It’s masthead rigged with dual pairs of swept spreaders. It has dual backstays running to the mast top, to allow for a large roach or fathead mainsail.

The narrow width of the spreaders allows for an overlapping genoa as well as the jib/solent. There is a single track which stretches on the inside of the chain plates for both genoa and jib (some boats have switched the track for a 3D-style sheeting arrangement).

The boom stretches almost all of the cockpit with a E measurement of around 3.60 meters. The mainsheet track is almost as wide as the boat and placed aftmost in the cockpit.

The cockpit is big enough for two but at three it starts to get crowded during manouvers while racing round the cans. Once on a course though, the width of the boat makes it a lot bigger.

It’s easy to see that the cockpit is aimed at sailing: the helmsman has everything within easy reach. Traveler, mainsheet, backstay and it’s easy to cross-sheet the jib sheet to the windward winch, easily adjusted with one hand thanks to the self-tailing winches.


The Pogo is made out of GRP with the deck in GRP/balsa sandwich. The Mini 650 production rule prohibits the use of carbon fiber. The mast is aluminium, dual spreader, usually from from Z-spars.


LOA: 6.50 m
LWL: 6.50 m
Beam: 2.97 m
Draught: 1.58 m
Displacement: about 1200 kg
Keel: 450 kg
Mast height: 11 m

Sail areas vary between boats, e.g. the main sail size due to different fathead layouts – there are no one-design sails or sail area restrictions.

Main sail: 24 m2
Genoa: 18 m2
Solent: 12 m2
Spin: 72 / 48 m2
Code 0: 36 m2

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